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We live in a busy world. Rarely do we simply stop and listen – and then, when it’s too late, we realise we’re left with questions.

How can the Treasured Memories package help?

Your loved one has gone and you recognise that you never took the time to find out what they did during their early years. What school did they go to? Who was their first love? What were their experiences of the war? What jobs did they do? Did they achieve everything they set out to? The questions are endless… so that’s why, at begin a book, we have developed the Treasured Memories package, because we realise how important it is to have those conversations and to ask those questions, now!


Under your guidance, we will create a beautiful book which can include stories, anecdotes, photographs – pretty much anything – that will showcase your loved one’s life with passion and empathy. It will be their legacy, preserved in the written word for future generations. 


At begin a book, we definitely didn’t ask enough questions before it was too late – we don’t want that to happen to you.


There are two Treasured Memories package options:


Package 1

The simple one:

Our core Treasured Memories package which provides you with everything you need to contribute to and produce the most amazing book. Based on material submitted by you and/or other family members, we expertly compile and edit the content, formatting it ready for print. Includes:

Up to 20, 9”x9” pages of your own written content – stories, clippings, poems, interviews, anecdotes, holidays – which we will format, edit and compile.

Up to15 of your own images. These can be photographs or illustrations – as long as they can be digitally scanned or are provided in digital format, we can include them in the book.

An historical section. We will research key events and happenings around the time of your loved ones’ birth and throughout history, presenting these within the pages of your book to build a complete picture. Maximum 10 pages.

'My favourite memories’ page. A double page spread containing the favourite memories of your loved one, written by their family and friends.

Quotes for print costs – hardback, hardback with dust jacket or paperback.

Price £995.00

Package 2

The interview one:

This package is for you if you’d like your loved one to be interviewed and their story re-told; if you’d like us to ask the questions. It includes everything in the Treasured Memories – Simple package plus:

A two-hour (max) recorded interview with your loved one – taking place at a location of their choice or online. This will be transcribed and then lovingly re-written by us – their story in their own words. 

The audio recording from the interview will be available for your own personal download.

Price £1750.00

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Start the journey now

Pass those treasured memories onto your loved ones before they are lost.

This is a unique opportunity to pass on something truly unique to your family that they can cherish for years to come. Let them learn about your life using your own words.

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