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The client


I love working with my clients on their books. The feeling for both us and our clients once their project is complete, is second to none. 

I wanted a place where I could showcase their books so you can see the potential in your journey.

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How LinkedIn solved my mid-life crisis.jpg
I am going to be a big brother.png

Chiari and Me

Joanne Robertson

How LinkedIn solved my mid-life crisis

Tony  K Silver

I am going to be a Big Brother

Sophie Lloyd & Honey Ventura

Sammy Silly and Friends

Trevor Reynolds

Still Glides the Stream.jpg
Nine days in May.jpg
Harvest Time.jpg
Spice of Life & War Baby.jpg

Still Glides the Stream

Wild Woman

I am going to be a Big Sister

Nine Days in May

Harvest Time

Sophie Lloyd & Honey Ventura

Wild Woman

Owen Jellison

Spice of Life & War Baby

Ann Crompton

Let's work together so that

you can see your dream in print.

Looking to get started?

Starting is the hardest part, so the options below have been developed to give you the right support to suit your needs - and your budget. Have a click-through and see what is involved in each.


A DIY course


A Co-Sourced course


Outsourced course

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