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Let's get started on your dream. Write your own book with a little guidance.

make your story happen

It all starts with a blank page. Work with AnnMarie to learn the skills needed to write, publish and sell your very own book.

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Just completed a project with AnnMarie and the feedback was amazing. She made it all so simple and looked after the whole process from start to finish. I'm so glad to have worked with Begin-A-Book and I'm looking forward to working with them again. 

Jay Patel

how could we work together?


Book writing

I can work with you to get started on your book writing journey with personalised tips and an idea generator!


Book support

If you are struggling with any part of the writing process, we can support you -  from wherever you are to wherever you

want to be.


Book artwork

Ever heard of not judging a book by its cover? Well, that isn't strictly true. Let's work on your cover art together.


Book publishing

The publishing process can be daunting but we have the expertise to guide you through all the hurdles.



We are passionate in our belief that everyone can write a book and offer programmes for communities who would usually be unable to access such services.

the beginners
guide to

Navigating the self-publishing process can be tricky. We want to arm you with all the necessary practical tips for a successful self-publishing journey.

My three quick writing tips

Just Write

Don't get caught up in trying to write the perfect prose. It doesn't exist. Just write. Anything and everything. Daily. There is no right or wrong.

get it edited

As talented an author as you may be, EVERY book should be professionally edited. The reader will spot if it's not and your reputation could be compromised before you've even begun.

judge the cover

Think of what makes you stop outside a shop window. Something catches your eye. That's the purpose of a cover. Make sure it's on point, on topic and current. The cover is your reader's first impression.

begin a book services offer a fully supported approach to the book writing journey in order to help you achieve your goal of seeing your words in print!


Hi, I'm Annmarie

For as long as I can remember, I’d wanted to write a book, yet I didn’t believe it was possible.

However, by 2017 I had my first book published. It wasn't all smooth sailing, but I learned some valuable lessons along the way, both about writing and myself. Seeing my own book out there fueled my desire to help others like me. Those who had a dream to see their name on the cover of their very own book but thought it was something 'other people' did.

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AnnMarie is a magician as she makes dreams come true. This magician waved a wand turning the pictures in my mind into print and ultimately into a highly successful published book which is now available worldwide. Through her Independent publishing business, ‘begin a book’, she professionally became a positive integral team member Project managing myself and my illustrator.

Graham Le-Gall

Looking to get started?

Starting is the hardest part, so the options below have been developed to give you the right support to suit your needs - and your budget. Have a click-through and see what is involved in each.


A Co-Sourced course


Outsourced course

There are varying options here to choose from so please feel free to browse through each and find the one that works best for your upcoming project. If you are still unsure which direction to go in, please get in touch, and we can talk through your options in more depth.

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View my client library

I have been lucky enough to work with some wonderful authors over the years, and feel very proud to be able to showcase their books here...

Why is working with begin a

book services helpful for your

next project?


You are never alone. You will be supported through your book writing journey no matter the style, subject, genre, content or duration.

Loft Studio

Every individual is on their own unique journey, and we celebrate it with them. Every milestone.


We help facilitate writers to tell their stories through niche 1:1 support and coaching. You will end with a finished product that is exclusive to you, the author.






Having a clear plan and goal for each writing session will make sure you stay on track with your writing. Don't strive for perfection in each session, just make sure you are filling the page. Try using a timer to stay on track.



These are 13-digit numbers which identify a specific edition of a book and publisher. Each code is unique to that edition. Printed books can't sold without an ISBN number, so if you are planning to sell your books, make sure you get one.



There are a few different standard sizes for books in the UK depending on the type of book. B-Format books are probably the most widely circulated in the UK, being the industry standard for most paperback fiction.

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