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Happy Valentine's Day

 Try the Idea Generation Technique

If you're concerned about finding just the right words for that special someone, then worry no more.


Or, if you're wondering how to craft your very own love story, then look no further.


Based on our unique Idea Generation Technique, we have provided you with the tools (and a suggested solution) to help you speak and scribe all the right words.


Write something extra special this year

Here's how it works...

Think of three random words about Valentine's day and love ...

e.g. destiny, red, chocolates


Make these three words into a sentence ...

e.g. I feel it is my destiny to buy you chocolates and not only that, I have chosen the best box, tied beautifully around its edges with a sumptuous red bow.


Now expand this sentence by applying these questions to it - who, what, why, where, when and how ...

e.g. I (insert name) have realised that the time has come to fulfil my destiny which is to buy you (insert name) the most romantic box of chocolates I can find. When we met at the tea dance I knew you were the one, and I have admired you from afar ever since. Though we are in the same walking group I fear you never notice me, so now, on this most romantic of days, it is time to show my hand and gift you a box of luxurious chocolates, embellished with a sumptuous red bow. (Insert name), will you be mine?

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