Happy Clients

"Having just completed the Begin-A-Book course I wanted to share some thoughts on the experience. I didn't really know what to expect. The course consists of 6 x 90 minute sessions over 6 weeks delivered via Zoom. The aim of the course was to bring us to the point where we'd written the first chapter of our books by developing our understanding of what is involved. We covered lots of subjects like character development, plot composition, opening lines, book structure together with practical stuff like how to publish, literary agents and cover design. The course was hugely enjoyable and I was genuinely surprised at how much ground we covered. AnnMarie encouraged and inspired us along the way and made the course fun to attend. For anyone looking for a good grounding in how to approach writing fiction or non-fiction, this course is a must. Thoroughly recommended!"

Philip Blunt, Course Student (Jan 2021)

Judith West

"The Writing Fiction course I have done with AnnMarie is one of the most enjoyable experiences I have ever had. Suffering from Imposter Syndrome a great deal, I had a real awakening of what is possible with expert guidance and tuition. I have started my own series of children's stories inspired by my grandchildren. I'm still amazed! Thank you AnnMarie. I totally recommend your courses and teaching!"

Judith West, Course Student (Jan 2021)

"Having always told children and grandchildren silly made up stories, I thought that the Begin-A-Book Course was the ideal place to learn how to put some on paper, maybe even into a book. AnnMarie's methods were easy to follow with great explanatory help and guidance along the way. The Zoom sessions worked really well with always the opportunity for extra 1:1 at any time. I thoroughly enjoyed the course which also gave insight into editing and designing book covers, which will be very exciting. Would recommend to anyone who thinks they may like to try but not knowing where to begin."

Trevor Reynolds, Course Student (Jan 2021)

"The Begin-A-Book Course was brilliant. They say we all have a book in us and with AnnMarie's Begin-A-Book course I believe that all my random thoughts and ideas are beginning to take shape. It was both enjoyable and satisfying to see the first few chapters come to life and with perseverance from me, I hope to achieve. It is good to have the great help and guidance along the way with the opportunity of further sessions if needed. The Zoom meetings were very successful being an interactive and fun way of learning. I would certainly recommend it, if you want to know how to turn those great ideas into a best seller, well, you never know!"

Juanita Reynolds, Course Student (Jan 2021)

"I can’t recommend AnnMarie highly enough. She listens, guides and recommends. She never takes over or imposes her ideas. If you are looking for a tutor look no further. She is a passionate author and an inspirational writer."

Emmy Gray-Winter, Author

Emmy-Gray Winter
Sandra Bosley

"I did not know AnnMarie prior to attending her book launch for her first major novel 'When Foundations Crumble'. I was so impressed by AnnMarie's personal achievement in writing this that I had no hesitation in buying it. When I started reading I was gripped. I invited AnnMarie to speak at a Women's Institute book club. Attendance was high as others who were not even book club members came along to support AnnMarie. That was back in summer 2017, I am now eagerly awaiting the 3rd and final book in this trilogy. I am sure AnnMarie's enthusiasm for writing will ooze during her 'Begin-A-Book' classes. 

Sandra Bosley, Reader