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Who We Are


Begin-A-Book Writing Services was founded by successful self-published author AnnMarie Wyncoll in late 2018. Having spent the best part of ten years studying the craft of writing and producing five draft novels she finally felt able to meet her two simple goals:

  1. To hold her published book in her hands

  2. To have someone she didn't know read her book and love it


Out of the five novels, AnnMarie chose to publish her first, When Foundations Crumble in 2017 and, when the box arrived on her doorstep with fifty fresh beautiful copies inside, she burst into tears. Her dream had been realised.

Now she wants to share that feeling, that dream, those goals with others; anyone who has ever wanted to write a book but didn't know how.


Online and from her offices in rural Wiltshire she offers a range of courses to suit every writer regardless of skill, experience or knowledge.

Her approach is unique, she gives inspiration and guidance throughout the entire journey from idea conception to holding that very first novel in your hands. And she will cry with you too, because for her it is about the emotion, about being able to give the gift of the written word to others.

After spending time with AnnMarie every writer will feel valued, inspired, educated, motivated and above all will have the desire and tools to achieve.

The goals don't have to be complicated. Reaching them is what counts.

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